The ‘all new’, fully insulated flat packed store you can use almost anywhere!

The all new Insulated Store from Extraspace is a flat packed, fully man portable storage unit making it ideal for a huge range of applications. Thanks to its innovative design and insulated wall panels, it not only provides secure temporary storage but also protection from the cold and stops the build-up of condensation inside. 

This makes it perfect for storing a huge range of items including paperwork, perishables and electricals.

So, whether being used as a semi-permanent store or being moved from site to site, Insulated Store provides the most flexible, cost-effective and robust storage solution on the market.

Key features at a glance...

  • Flat packed construction for ease of use and transportation
  • Fully insulated wall panels
  • Easy to assemble with no specialist tools or training required
  • Strong and secure construction
  • Available in 2, 3 and 4 Metre sizes
  • Units can be joined using simple linking kits
  • A range of accessories available to personalise to your needs

A truly flexible design

The Expandarange of flat-packed buildings are designed to be completely man-portable and the Insulated Store is no different. This means units can be carried to ‘hard to reach’ and previously inaccessible places and assembled in situ. Transportation issues are also eradicated as Insulated Store is fully demountable and can be returned to its original flat-packed status in under an hour. Simply load onto the back of any suitable vehicle without the need for cranes and heavy lifting gear.

Here’s why Insulated Store from Extraspace is so popular with customers and users across many industries…

Man Portable

No heavy lifting gear or cranes required.


Dismantles into flat pack form quickly.


No heavy lifting gear or cranes are required.


Everything required for assembly is included.


Can be used anywhere you can carry it!


Robust construction with double locking system.


No specialist tools or training required to assemble.


Can be ready to use in less than an hour.


Competitively priced to offer great value for money.


Fully insulated wall panels come as standard


Cleverly designed to be sturdy but also lightweight.


Need more space? – simply link 2 units together.

So if you’re looking for a high quality store which is secure and insulated and that can be used almost anywhere, Insulated Store from Extraspace is the answer.